Seasonal Membership

Type of post: Chorus Documentation
Posted By: Susie Slavney
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, Jan 16 2020

Are you "on the fence" about joining the chorus?

St. Louis Vocal Project offers a Seasonal Membership option for singers who are not ready to make the commitment to a full membership.

Our rehearsal calendar is divided into four seasons:

Early Spring (February - March) - Education and Growth Season

We'll sing a limited repertoire, including our contest set, focusing on improving and refining our vocal technique and performance skills. We'll enlist coaches to help us. We will attend the annual H.E.L.P. School sponsored by the St. Louis Area Barbershop Council (March 7, 2020), a day-long event with some of the best barbershop coaches in the business.

Spring to Summer (April - June) - Area Contest Season

We'll begin to work hard on our contest set for the Harmony, Inc., Area Contest (June 11-14, 2020)

Summer to Fall - (July - October) International Contest Season or Education Season

If we achieve a qualifying score at Area Contest, we are eligible to compete at International (November 4-8, 2020). If we choose to go, we'll spend this season perfecting our performance. If not, we'll use the time for another Education Season, introducing new songs and encouraging individual skill development. 

Winter - (November - January) Concert Season

We will use our newly honed skills and expanded repertoire to put on one or more public performances.

A singer may choose to join the chorus as a Seasonal Member for the flat fee of $40 for one season. She would be expected to learn the current repertoire and attend every rehearsal. She would attend the H.E.L.P. School with the chorus in March, and she would perform with the chorus for public performances in the winter season. At the end of the season she may choose to sign up for next season for $40. There would be no other financial obligation.
If she chooses to compete in the Area Contest or International Contest with the chorus, she will be asked to become a full member of the chorus and of Harmony Incorporated. The $40 seasonal fee will be applied to her joining fee.

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