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  • Seasonal Membership
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jan 16 2020

    Are you "on the fence" about joining the chorus?

    St. Louis Vocal Project offers a Seasonal Membership option for singers who are not ready to make the commitment to a full membership.

    Our rehearsal calendar is divided into four seasons:

    Early Spring (February - March) - Education and Growth Season

    We'll sing a limited repertoire, including our contest set, focusing on improving and refining our vocal technique and performance skills. We'll enlist coaches to help us. We will attend the annual H.E.L.P. School sponsored by the St. Louis Area Barbershop Council (March 7, 2020), a day-long event with some of the best barbershop coaches in the business.

    Spring to Summer (April - June) - Area Contest Season

    We'll begin to work hard on our contest set for the Harmony, Inc., Area Contest (June 11-14, 2020)

    Summer to Fall - (July - October) International Contest Season or Education Season

    If we achieve a qualifying score at Area Contest, we are eligible to compete at International (November 4-8, 2020). If we choose to go, we'll spend this season perfecting our performance. If not, we'll use the time for another Education Season, introducing new songs and encouraging individual skill development. 

    Winter - (November - January) Concert Season

    We will use our newly honed skills and expanded repertoire to put on one or more public performances.

    A singer may choose to join the chorus as a Seasonal Member for the flat fee of $40 for one season. She would be expected to learn the current repertoire and attend every rehearsal. She would attend the H.E.L.P. School with the chorus in March, and she would perform with the chorus for public performances in the winter season. At the end of the season she may choose to sign up for next season for $40. There would be no other financial obligation.
    If she chooses to compete in the Area Contest or International Contest with the chorus, she will be asked to become a full member of the chorus and of Harmony Incorporated. The $40 seasonal fee will be applied to her joining fee.

    For more information, email
  • Education Season Begins
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jan 16 2020
    St. Louis Vocal Project's rehearsal calendar is divided into four seasons. Our Concert Season concludes with the Street Corner Barbershop performance on January 19.

    Next up is Education Season, February-MarchEach rehearsal features a short class, followed by singing to reinforce the techniques being taught. Classes will be led by director Sandi Wright, a sought-after educator in the barbershop world, and other invited faculty. Topics may include:
    • Ear Training through Woodshedding
    • The Cone Shaped Sound
    • Body Language and Emotion
    • Creating a Visual Plan
    • Making a First Impression
    • Bright To Dark Vocal Placement
    • Sight Reading
    • History of Barbershop
    • The Singing Category
    • The Performance Category
    • The Music Category
    • Taking a Risk on Stage
    • Right Brain / Left Brain
    Interested? Visit us at Guest Night, Wednesday, January 29, 7:30-9:30 pm, at the Groves Church, 9220 Big Bend Blvd. in Webster Groves.

    Here's more about Rehearsal Seasons and Seasonal Memberships.
  • Janet Johnston Memorial Scholarship
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Dec 16 2019

    Janet Johnston family photoJanet Johnston joined Sweet Adelines in 1955, and was the baritone in the 1957 Regional Championship Quartet Miss Chiefs. She joined St. Louis Harmony Chorus shortly after its charter in 1961 and served as president, assistant director to founder Betty Oliver, and choreographer. A great singer and administrator, she is also the mother of Sandi Wright, director of St. Louis Vocal Project Chorus. Janet believed that the future of barbershop singing lay in attracting young members, and she was instrumental in getting the SAI minimum age requirement eliminated. Janet retired from St. Louis Harmony in 1982 and passed away in 2004. This scholarship is set up in her memory to encourage young women to join St. Louis Vocal Project despite financial issues.

    The Scholarship is intended to offset all or part of the Harmony Inc. registration fee and St. Louis Vocal Project monthly dues for members who are 25 years old or younger. The recipient is expected to have:

    • 75% rehearsal attendance rate

    • 100% performance attendance rate

    • hold service on at least one committee within the chorus

    The Scholarship may be awarded at any time. Once awarded, the scholarship may be renewed by resubmitting the application form annually before March 1, as the fiscal year begins on April 1.

    To apply for the Scholarship, print out and fill in the attached form and give it to the St. Louis Vocal Project Director, President, or Treasurer. If you have any questions about the Scholarship, ask the Treasurer.

  • Congratulations to Take 4 and Fierce! (St. Louis Vocal Project)
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Nov 18 2019

    St. Louis Vocal Project quartets Take 4 and Fierce placed second and third respectively at the Harmony, Incorporated International Convention and Contest, Nov. 7-9, 2019, in Sandusky, Ohio.
    Take 4 at IC&C 2019
    Take 4 sang Anything Can Happen If You Let It and If I Ruled The World, with an average score of 80.7, less than a percentage point behind the first place quartet, Hot Pursuit from Area 6. Take 4 singers are Melissa VanHousen, tenor; Chacey Steen, lead; Kristin Drummond-Mance, baritone; and Wendy Spilker, bass. 

    Fierce selfie at IC&C 2019
    Fierce sang I'm In The Mood For Love and Love Me Or Leave Me, with an average score of 79.1. Vocal Project members of Fierce are Kelly Peterson, tenor; Susan Ives, lead and director of Topeka Acappella Unlimited Chorus; and Joy Suellentrop, baritone. The quartet's bass is Kris Wheaton, director of Bluegrass Harmony Chorus in Louisville.

    We are so proud of our singers! 
  • Kelly Peterson of Fierce is the new Executive Assistant, Administration, for Harmony Inc. (St. Louis Vocal Project)
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Oct 28 2019
    Kelly Peterson of Fierce is the new Executive Assistant, Administration, for Harmony Inc.
    From Harmony Incorporated HQ

    Please welcome our new Executive Assistant, Administration, Kelly Peterson! 

    Kelly joined Harmony, Inc. in the spring of 2018 and is a member of St. Louis Vocal Project Chorus and Fierce quartet.  She brings administrative, technical and member service experience from her background as a church parish administrator.  In addition to her passion for barbershop harmony, Kelly plays the violin and viola and has a bachelor’s degree in music from Indiana State University.  Kelly and her husband have two teenage daughters. 

    If you see Kelly in Sandusky, please stop and say, “hello”.   

  • First Women to Become Judges in BHS
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Aug 6 2019
    First Women to Become Judges in BHS
    St. Louis Vocal Project Director Sandi Wright is among the first women to become certified as Judges in the Barbershop Harmony Society, traditionally the men's international barbershop organization. Sandi recently qualified as a BHS Performance Judge, She is also a Presentation and Performance Judge in Harmony, Incorporated and a Showmanship Judge in Sweet Adelines, making her the first judge ever to be certified in all three organizations. 

    Shown in the photo, from left to right, Linda Muise, Mo Field, Judy Pozsgay, Sandi Wright, Charlotte Murray, Theresa Weatherbee, and Melody Hine. 
  • St Louis Vocal Project Earns Singing Honors
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Jun 30 2019
    The St. Louis Vocal Project entered its first women’s barbershop contest and came home with honors - First Place Small Chorus (25 and fewer members) and Third Place Overall.  “This was quite an accomplishment,” said musical director Sandi Wright.  “We exceeded our expectations and turned a few heads in the process.”  The Vocal Project was formed last year to promote a cappella harmony in the barbershop style to all women in the area.  They received high marks for their two choreographed songs, I’m in the Mood For Love and The Trolley Song (from Meet Me in St. Louis).  The 20 voices competed with women singers from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri.  The St. Louis Vocal Project, a women’s community chorus, is affiliated with Harmony Incorporated and rehearses in Webster Groves., June 25, 2019
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